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Local: Saturday to Thursday: 9am - 6pm

Zulu: Saturday to Thursday: 0600 - 1500


Started as a hobby...then a dream come true among young Qataris who shared the same passion of flying the skies.


- Discovery flights

- Aircraft rental

- Aircraft basic handling

- Aviation Fuel (Avgas & Mogas)

- Flight support (State of Qatar)

- Aircraft hangars

- Flight planning to and from Qatar

- Flight training (coming soon)


Al Khor Airfield

Al Khor, Qatar

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Sightseeing around Qatar

Take a scenic flight over the Qatari desert and get a different perspective on the world! You’ll be able to see key landmarks such as Aspire Park, The Torch, some of the 2022 world cup stadiums and the Doha skyline like you’ve never seen it before.


Free as a bird, you’ll get a unique view of this natural world and a panoramic vista of this flourishing peninsula.

One of our experienced pilots will guide you through all the steps involved from pre-flight briefing, controlling the aircraft, navigating the Qatari airspace, all the way to locking up after the flight. 

If you're interested in a flying career, we can also arrange for a meet up with our amazing instructors.

What do you need to know about a scenic flight

As a general rule, there isn't much to think about except waking up with a smile and being ready to be amazed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Flying is perfectly safe. Being a pilot is well regulated with the sole purpose of safety.

  • Any passenger must bring either a valid Qatar ID or passport.

  • We require you to arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled flight to ensure we have enough time to show you around.

  • All flights are subject to weather, pilot availability and air traffic control clearance. Flying through the airspace of a major international airport occasionally comes with unexpected restrictions.

  • A typical city flight will take approximately 60 minutes from take off to landing.

  • You can bring your phone or camera to take pictures!

Our current promotional prices:

Here's a video of our Tecnam in flight

60 Minutes:

Piper PA28, upto 3 passengers: QR1000 (was QR1200)

Tecnam P92 (1 passenger): QR600 (was QR850)

30 Minutes:

Piper PA28, upto 3 passengers: QR500 (was QR600)

Tecnam P92 (1 passenger): QR300 (was QR425)